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custom jerseys Alvarez is very suitable for this style of football


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Alvarez scored twice, can he form a terrorist striker with Haaland? Julian Alvarez would have gotten more attention Custom Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Jersey : Design your personalized jerseys. Contact us Whatsapp: 8619306065668 had it not been for Haaland to join Manchester City in the same summer window. However, while trying to make Haaland play the most power, Guardiola did not forget to let the Argentine integrate into Manchester City as soon as possible. The goal in the Community Shield was a good sign, taking the pressure off Alvarez. With the increase in playing time, Alvarez gradually let people see the "Manchester City taste" that seems to be innate in him. In the game between Manchester City and Crystal Palace, Alvarez passed 20 times in 29 minutes. The ball was all successful, and his header and passing played an important role in Manchester City's second and third goals respectively, and some people have even begun to explore the possibility of Haaland + Alvarez double striker. In the Premier League game between Manchester City and Nottingham Forest this morning, Alvarez made his first Premier League start in his career. He and Haaland created a huge threat to the opponent on the field. Haaland wore a hat in the half and missed several opportunities in the first half. Alvarez scored twice in the second half. Julian Alvarez is a typical Argentine striker who came out of River Plate's academy and came into contact with football at the wholesale jerseys local Calcinn Athletic Club in his birthplace. Before joining River Plate, Alvarez came close to joining Real Madrid, and he even scored two goals for Real Madrid's children's team, but the transfer ultimately failed. Little Alvarez also received an invitation from Boca Juniors, and he finally chose River Plate. River Plate is very successful in cultivating young players. In the 2018-19 season, River Plate first team coach Gallardo gave Alvarez the opportunity to make his debut and gradually absorbed Alvarez into the first team. It is worth mentioning that in 2018, when River Plate defeated Boca Juniors to win the Copa Libertadores, Alvarez was also one of the participants in that game. Julian Alvarez continues to earn the coach's trust and his appearances in 2020-21 have continued to increase, especially when he Custom Baseball jersey scored five goals in six group matches in the Copa Libertadores, and it was recognised A new star is about to be born. Alvarez is known in Argentina as a "prolific scorer". In 2022, he has scored 17 goals for River in 13 games, with an incredible goal rate of 1.3 per game. But in fact Alvarez is not a pure opportunistic striker, he has more notable highlights. In modern football, forwards need to do more than finish in front of goal. They are also required to press forward and participate in passing and cutting coordination. custom jerseys Alvarez is very suitable for this style of football. He is an excellent player in modern attacking football tactics, as well as an all-rounder on the offensive line. In River Plate last season, Alvarez appeared in many positions such as an offensive midfielder and a winger on two wings. Of course, the most suitable position for him has proved to be "No. 9". , Alvarez's custom jerseys goal-scoring efficiency is impressive, and he seems to have a talent for scoring in clever ways. He has a high efficiency in front of goal, and the percentage of his goals from penalties is very low. His shooting percentage reached 49.2%, compared with Liverpool star Salah's shooting percentage of about 41%. Another outstanding aspect of Alvarez is his defensive enthusiasm. He can contribute 1 steal per game, as well as 0.3 interceptions and 0.2 clearances, which shows that Alvarez is also very happy to defend while performing his duties as a forward. contribute to. He likes to harass the opposition defenders by roaming around, using counter-attacks and off-ball movements to force opponents to make mistakes. Of course, his ultimate goal is to get the opportunity to attack from the ideal position.

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