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  2. Farfalla morente

    Salve a tutti. Ho un problema che riguarda una farfalla e su internet ho trovato questo forum. Spero che possiate aiutarmi. Allora lunedì sera è arrivata nel mio giardino una farfalla. Camminava in terra e non volava. Così l’ho fatta salire sulla mia mano ed è stata li con noi a camminare. Poi siccome non volava allora l’ho messa in un vaso coi fiori sul tavolo in giardino pensando che alle prime luci del sole sarebbe ripartita. Invece ieri mattina era ancora lì e si muoveva poco. Provava a volare ma cadeva di continuo e non camminava neanche molto bene. L’ho rimessa nel vaso e sono andata al lavoro. Ieri sera era ancora lì, provavo a toccarla allora partiva, muoveva le ali ma niente cadeva e camminava storta. Si è alzato il vento e la spostava, così l’ho messo su un fazzolettino in casa. Le ho messo acqua e miele vicino alla testa. Stamani era ancora lì ferma, con del liquido verde che le esce da una parte del corpo. Come se avesse un taglio. Se mi avvicino e la tocco o mi vede e basta muove le gambette e prova a muovere le ali.. ma è in quella posizione da ieri sera. Non capisco. Se doveva morire era già morta penso... invece sembra soffrire. La farfalla è una podalirius in ottimo stato... ringrazio chi potrà rispondere tanti saluti
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  4. anyone had any other suggestions. ??

    Hello, I was in an animal behaviour lecture the other day, and there was a discussion about prey crypsis and camoflague techniques and the question was posed, "Why are there no green mammals?". It makes sense that in green environments then it would be in a preys interest to be green and blend in as insetcs do but this is not the case.It was suggested that is because most predators see in black and white and I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Demonstration Example Thank you.
  5. Hello, How long will it take for urban animals to evolve the ability to avoid becoming roadkill? I have noticed in my town a decrease in the amount of roadkill in the last ten years, I am not sure if this is due to a decline in animals (no park loss so should be it) or the existing animals just being more afraid of cars. Can evolution happen this fast? Thoughts? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Marketing Explainer Thank you.
  6. Hello, I have a friend who I do most of my guinea pig-related things with. We have shared floor time between my two pigs and hers (all male and they get along fine, don't worry). I try my best to keep her educated since I browse Cavyspirit and GL a lot and she does not, and for the most part she is amenable to my advice. Lately, though, she's taken to allowing her two pigs to have shared floor time with her roommate's rabbit. I keep telling her that it's not a good thing to do, but she claims she searched the Internet and found out there's nothing wrong with that. Does anyone have any anecdotes or particular sites that advise against that sort of thing? How strict is the no-rabbit-around-guinea pigs rule, anyway? I assumed that they shouldn't ever really have contact, but I suppose the only info I've ever found was against housing together. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Blockchain Use Case Video Thank you.
  7. Any thoughts on this from anyone?

    Hello, My little one will be here in the UK hopefully in the next month. I am concerned about the rental property I am in. They know she is coming so that is not at all a problem, the problem is this. We live in the country on farmland which I thought was going to be so wonderful for her BUT there are TONS of rabbits and a few weeks ago a pest control came out and put poison in the ground for the rabbits. Not only is it heartbreaking to see them around sick and then disappearing but now I am worried about all their poos that are around which must obviously have poison in them. I know she may eat them and I really am not sure what to do. I have no option on the pest control as the owner is trying to keep the rabbits from ruining his land which I totally understand but my dog being only 5lbs I am really afraid it could affect her badly. Any thoughts on this from anyone? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Online Backup Marketing Example Thank you.
  8. 5mmo-a good choose to buy FIFA 19 Coins

    fut 19 coins 2 points submitted 1 day agoOn playstation you can share PS plus. If I select my console as my console or whatever they call it on my main account that I have a PS plus subscription on (weird sentence hope it makes any sense). After that every profile that I have on my console will make use off that 1 PS plus subscription / I can play online with however many accounts I have setup or create on my playstation.I have no idea if xbox has something similar? I would assume so?rkvndrln 10 points submitted 5 days agoI wanted Ronaldinho since the time he was announced to be in FIFA18. Dawes Deputy Director of the. In troduced Mr. Who noted that the works of the artists were generally of folk lore subjects' and daily Jamai can life. I a programmer (robotics) by profession. If something I churn out isn to satisfactory quality I have people to answer to. Clients need to be addressed and assured. QA/QC needs to be involved and the problem needs rectifying in an expedited manner. EA on the other hand? Nah. That shit doesn apply.. The event drew 69,200 attendees the largest since 2005. In the days prior major publishers hold press conferences typically as a live presentation in a large theater with streaming broadcast fut 19 coins online or through streaming pre recorded segments highlighting the new games that are planned for the next year. During the show proper developers and publishers run exhibition booths to allow industry members the press retail representatives and the public to try out the new games and talk with the creators online welcome!
  9. Canarini

    3 ore non sono tantissime l importante e' che con queste temperature viaggi in 1 ambiente ben areato ora non so' che mezzo usi ma in linea di massima non fargli mancare l acqua e vai tranquilla casomai se vedi che si spaventa copri la gabbia con 1 pezza e stara' piu' tranquilla e il mio consiglio è di confrontare i prezzi delle vacanze in luoghi diversi
  10. Regolamento In Pillole

    Ok !
  11. which animals do response aggressivly on flash?

    Hello, i would like to used a flash on animals, but i want to do it with responsibility as animal eyes are often much more lightsensitive (nighthunters) it might causes problems are there some species where i shouldn't use a flash because of healthproblems? and which animals do response aggressivly on flash? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: HR Solution Example Thank you.
  12. how do they survive????

    Hello, Its strange this dino is so small but how do they survive I understand their bigger then velociraptor meaning their size is around 3ft tall, weight can reach 900lbs and length 8ft long. While they must have abilities to use for brute strength so they must charge their enemies by tackling like full body attack, their ability of jaw strength must be like 200-1200lbs being bale to break the enemies bones right? Their skin must be taugh for durable enough to take attacks of velociraptor bites, clawing and sharp talons. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Recycle Management System Video Thank you.
  13. Hello, I want to make the change to sand but nowhere local sells pool filter sand and play sand is only sold in massive bags, usualy 50-100kg. In my local pet store they sell atleast 6 different types of sand in the reptile department, all of witch are natural, simply taken from nature, put thrue a cleaning prosses and bagged. Would these types of sand be safe for use in the aquarium? Keep in mind im not talking about calci-sand, i keep several reptiles and wouldnt even use that stuff in my enclosures let alone the aquerium. Any thoughts? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: CMS Platform Example Thank you.
  14. Hello, I have seen so many different estimates of lizard and snake diversity my head is begining to reel. Most of these estimates sound way out (Wikipedia hilariously suggests that there are 29,000 snakes - that's 3 times as many snakes as living bird species - perhaps an order of magnitude out?). I just wanted to work out if snakes were the most successful lizards in terms of species diversity. Their range of habitats is greater than other (extant) lizards and I would assume that their species numbers would reflect this. Can anyone point me in the direction of a reliable reference, since I'd love to find out if becoming legless is the best way to succeed. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Wealth Management Solution Example Thank you
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  18. Nike Air Max within effort by using rapper.

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  22. FIFA 19 will be coming to us September

    cheap FIFA 19 Account Gebt den Spielern die Mglichkeit den Gegner per Verbindungsqualitt zu suchen. Ich will Gegner mindestens mit einer 4er Latenz haben und davon gibt es in der Regel genug wer dann eine Verbindung von der geforderten Verbindung 2 hat also beispielsweise von 4 auf 2 ber 15 sek. fllt wird vom System rausgeworfen und der Gegner bekommt ggf. die Punkte wenn er fhrt oder es Unendschieden steht. FIFA 19 has officially arrived at E3! EA had revealed that FIFA 19 will be coming to us September 28 2018 and with plenty of exciting new features. First and foremost EA announced that Champions League will be a part of every game mode including tournament career the journey with Alex Hunter FUT 19 Mule Accounts for sale and ultimate team. This has been something that was sorely missing from FIFA 18 and fans are sure to look forward to the inclusion in FIFA 19. Sadly the last one was Fifa 14 I believe and have never been able to find a good replacement where I can watch a football match rather than reading lots of text or watching highlights (knowing the outcome of the match before I start it). Fifa Manager had that special something that no others had and I miss it greatly. If you want to earn FIFA 19 Account the best choice for you is to buy FIFA 19 Account from
  23. Consiglio per tritone

    Salve, ho da poco deciso di comprare un tritone...per via del poco spazio che ho in casa vorrei comprare un tritone che rimanga piccolo e che stia bene anche in un piccolo terracquario, potete consigliarmene qualcuno? Grazie a chi risponderà
  24. Oranda malato, caso clinico curioso

    Ciao a tutti, sono nuova e vi scrivo perché ho bisogno di un aiuto da veterani in acquariologia: il mio oranda da circa un paio di anni abita nell'acquario di 20 litri con altri 2 pesci rossi comuni. I tre pesci hanno dimensioni diverse. Sono circa 2 settimane che l'oranda(solo lui) per una mezz'oretta dopo il pasto resta a galla con la pancia all'aria. Le ho provate tutte ma sembra che non funzioni nulla a parte il digiuno, ma non posso tenerlo a digiuno in eterno: all'inizio gli ho fatto fare 3giorni di digiuno assoluto, poi ho introdotto piselli lessati(2 piccoli a testa nello stesso pasto, tolti dalla buccia e schiacciati)per 2o 3 giorni. Sembrava andare bene, quindi ho reintrodotto la solita pappa. dopo pochi giorni il problema si è ripresentato. Allora di nuovo 2 giorni di digiuno, di nuovo piselli lessati ma ho notato che dopo il pasto galleggiava. Pensando che forse 2 piselli assieme fossero troppi, ho fatto 2 pasti da 1 pisello piccolo a testa a distanza di 12 ore circa. Ma galleggiava comunque. Disperata mi sono recata in un negozio per animali dove mi hanno detto di tentare cambiando mangime(prima davo un tipo che affonda, mischiato a del mangime x il colore che però galleggia, in rapporto di circa 4:1) e di passare esclusivamente al mangime che affonda. Inoltre mi hanno consigliato di dare la spirulina ogni 3-4 pasti perché è un antinfiammatorio naturale. Prima ancora di cambiare il mangime, ho fatto circa una settimana con piselli lessati nelle modalità sopra descritte, e da 5 gg ho introdotto la spirulina secondo le modalità consigliate. Siccome ho notato che quest'ultima, nonostante sia definita Come affondante , galleggia per qualche secondo, prima di metterla nell'acquario, la metto per un minuto in un pochino di acqua.... Ma nonostante tutti i miei sforzi, dopo il pasto il pesce continua a galleggiare con la pancia all'aria x circa mezz'ora, poi si raddrizza ma nuota in alto, e poi pian piano riesce addirittura a mettersi a dormire appoggiato sul fondo come ha sempre fatto. Lui è vivace, non mi sembra provato, ed ha un buon appetito... Però quando lo vedo così sto male io per lui.... Per favore, C'è qualche esperto che mi può dare qualche dritta che mi aiuti a rimetterlo in sesto? Grazie Mille a chi proverà a cimentarsi!!
  25. Calopsite

    Salve a tutti, sono nuova del forum e vorrei chiedere un vostro parere. Ho due splendidi calopsite, Amelia e Woody di un anno e mezzo circa e che qualche settimana fa hanno fatto la loro prima covata. Tutto perfetto, Amelia ha deposto 5 uova magnifiche 3 delle quali sono certamente fecondate. Tre giorni giorni fa ha deposto l’ultimo e finalmente sembrava molto meno stanca e più attiva delle settimane. Non aveva più alcun gonfiore e stava benissimo se non per il fatto che la sera dopo ha cominciato a stare malissimo, a vomitare e ad ansia are pesantemente. Il veterinario ha pensato che fosse un uovo ritenuto ma potrà visitarla solo settimana prossima. Ho pensato che fosse arrivato il suo momento, era tutto gonfia e si metteva sul fondo. Stamattina invece ho trovato nel nido un sesto uovo e lei miracolosamente migliorata. Il problema è che sono già 2 giorni, da quando lei è stata male che non hanno più alcuna intenzione di covare. Cosa posso fare?
  26. Inseparabili

    Ciao nessuno mi può dare una risposta la 3 settimana uova ancora bianchi, li posso toccare per vedere se sono pieni?
  27. buy fifa 19 coins They win a title in the 70s but in 2002 are bankrupted. Rhodienne De Hoek. The Portuguese league in my opinion deserves to have at least Sporting Porto Benfica and Braga stadiums in the game. There's great quality football and players in this league but it's just not real enough without having some of the big home grounds. Mind you they been getting lazy lost the Nou Camp and Borussia Park recently didn have the Serie A license this year. I tried out the World Cup update and there a lot more face scanned players in there maybe the fans complaints about the half arsed efforts of EA for the last few years have been heard.I don mind it personally I prefer Fifa to have a complete list of licenses because it easy to import kits and logos to Pes. Die Champions Edition kostet fr alle Plattformen 20 Euro mehr sprich 89,99 Euro bzw. 79,99 Euro.. Go to their placeLog on to your account on their PS4Add yourself as a guest in Rocket LeagueAccess your own car + all customizationsPlay split screen and level up your own car as you playThis is a feature I have been hoping to find since I started playing Pro Clubs back in FIFA12. This would be an absolutely amazing feature for Pro Clubs because it actually makes sense if you want to play co op with more than one friend. Other details are a little smaller like the inclusion of rain in the trailer suggesting that weather might finally be a factor in gameplay. Furthermore the trailer featured music from the esteemed Hans Zimmer so we might be seeing more of his music in the game itself. This is the problem people are cheated by good looking covers. And this can apply to video games as well. Ultimate Nintendo shared details about the latest entry in a series with sales of more than 40 million units worldwide. A new game built for the Nintendo Switch system buy fut 19 coins Super Smash Bros. provide best guide for FIFA 19 Coins the world. If you want to enhance your gameplay and squad rating just follow us.
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