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The RuneScape is situated in one of those vacant homes in Falador

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Head to the Port Sarim bar and you'll see a cutscene with Oldak requesting some drunken sailors instructions to the Entrana ship OSRS Accounts. Among the sailors will begin attacking Oldak. Defeat the level 27 sailor. Talk to Oldak and you will see a cutscene of you two sailing to Entrana. Head to the cave, beyond the zombies, you do not want an axe, and also to the tree. Oldak will harvest a seed and also inform you his teleorb got damaged by the demons. Instead of going there however, well, where you land, this dialogue will happen:

Where are we? This is not that town! We got them whenever they teleported. How could they have. . It was the sphere that they stole! They used it to intercept us! I knew if I got you coming off of Entrana, you wouldn't have the ability to fight . Now tell me, where is another filthy goblin? She is where you can not hurt her, even though that's not really great...

You finally must go up from two level 22 HAM guards and a level 50 HAM mage... along with your bare hands. Talk to him, and you'll go to Dorgeshkan, do not worry, you'll walk and not get intercepted again.

Once back in Oldak's lab, you may enter a dialogue about ways to develop your new Dramen Tree. I really don't understand how we are supposed to grow a tree underground. Not to worry, the tree climbed underground also, you know. We only need a fertile and bewitching patch Buy OSRS Gold. How do we get that? Well, I am no gardner, however I had a conversation with someone...

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