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What are the Different Types of Grinding

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What are the Different Types of Grinding

Here we introduces four main types of grinding operations.
(1) Cylindrical grinding
It is mainly carried out on the cylindrical grinder to grind the outer cylinder, outer cone and shaft shoulder end face of shaft workpiece. When grinding, the workpiece rotates at a low speed. If the workpiece moves to and fro longitudinally at the same time and the grinding wheel makes transverse feed to the workpiece after each single or double stroke of the longitudinal movement, it is called longitudinal grinding method. If the width of the grinding wheel is larger than the length of the ground surface, the workpiece will not move longitudinally in the grinding process, but the grinding wheel will continuously feed transversely to the workpiece, which is called cut in grinding method. Generally, the efficiency of cut in grinding method is higher than that of longitudinal grinding method. If the grinding wheel is trimmed to the formed surface, the cut in grinding method can process the formed outer surface.
(2) Internal grinding
It is mainly used for grinding cylindrical hole, conical hole and hole end surface of workpiece on internal grinder, universal external grinder and coordinate grinder. Generally, longitudinal grinding method is used. When grinding the formed inner surface, the cut in grinding method can be used. When grinding the inner hole on the coordinate grinder, the workpiece is fixed on the worktable, and the grinding wheel not only rotates at high speed, but also moves around the center line of the hole. In internal grinding, the grinding speed is often less than 30 m / s due to the small diameter of grinding wheel.
(3) Surface grinding
It is mainly used for grinding plane and groove on surface grinder. There are two kinds of surface grinding: peripheral grinding is used to grind the cylindrical surface of grinding wheel. Generally, horizontal axis surface grinding machine is used. If forming wheel is used, various forming surfaces can be machined; Face grinding with grinding wheel is called face grinding. Vertical shaft surface grinder is generally used.
(4) Centerless grinding
It is usually carried out on centerless grinder to grind the outer circle of workpiece. In grinding, the workpiece is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel instead of centering and supporting by the center, supported by the supporting plate below, and driven to rotate by the guide wheel. When the axis of the guide wheel and the axis of the grinding wheel are adjusted at an angle of 1 °~ six ° The workpiece can automatically feed along the axial direction while rotating, which is called through grinding. Through grinding can only be used to grind cylindrical surface. When cutting in centerless grinding is adopted, the axis of guide wheel and grinding wheel must be adjusted to be parallel to each other, so that the workpiece is supported on the supporting plate and does not move axially, and the grinding wheel continuously feeds laterally relative to the guide wheel. Cutting in centerless grinding can be used to machine the formed surface. Centerless grinding can also be used for inner circle grinding. During processing, the outer circle of the workpiece is supported on the roller or support block for centering, and the eccentric electromagnetic suction ring is used to drive the workpiece to rotate. The grinding wheel extends into the hole for grinding. At this time, the outer circle is used as the positioning reference to ensure that the inner circle and the outer circle are concentric. Centerless internal grinding is often used to grind the inner raceway of bearing ring on the special grinding machine for bearing ring.

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