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Animal Crossing New Horizons Kitchen Design Ideas & Tips

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing a kitchen in Animal Crossing, but these pointers will help you get started. Whether you want ACNH interior decoration ideas or island designs, tips are offered. 

1. Prior to beginning, choose a color scheme. Choosing one or two colors to style your kitchen around can help you retain continuity in your design. Before making this decision, it's also a good idea to think about what furniture, wallpaper, and flooring you have on hand. Don't be afraid to use dark colors in your kitchen: when done correctly, black furniture will look amazing. 

2. Look at all of the customization choices for all of the furniture and pieces. Many products in Animal Crossing: New Leaf can be personalized at a workbench with customization kits purchased from the Nook's Cranny cabinet. Customizing items can help you maintain a consistent color scheme, give you more decorating options, and allow you to create custom designs to give your kitchen items a one-of-a-kind appearance. 

3. Avoid accumulating things on your kitchen counters. Though Animal Crossing has a lot of decorative pieces, putting them on every surface of your kitchen would make it feel cluttered. Selecting a few standout decorations to concentrate on can make your kitchen feel more organized. 

4. Use flowers and plants to add some color to your room. A few plant objects or flowers can also brighten a room's atmosphere. Early in the game, through the Test, you can get a potted ivy plant. Your DIY skills kit from Nook's Cranny comes in a range of colors and can be personalized. Flower wreaths, which can be made using DIY recipes, can also be hung on the inside walls of your home. If the flower color you want isn't available, you might have to create your own hybrid flowers. 

5. Use clothing as a means of wall decoration. Placing clothing pieces such as aprons and chef's hats on the walls will make your room feel more like a kitchen if you're short on wall space. As an alternative to wreaths, flower crowns may also be hung on the wall. 

6. Lighting is often a consideration to consider in Animal Crossing, as it has the potential to dramatically alter the atmosphere of a room. Wood-burning stoves and brick ovens can provide a warm glow, while an iron wall lamp placed above a gas range can serve as a stand-in for an extraction fan device. 

7. Build a kitchen-dining-living room hybrid. If you're making a kitchen out of one of your larger quarters, consider making it into a kitchen-living room by splitting the kitchen area with some sofas and tables. Rugs and panels are commonly used to help divide the two spaces, but custom designs placed as tiles may also be successful. 

8. Think beyond the box. It's not necessary to fill every kitchen with ironwood furniture: as seen on Reddit and Twitter, you can create medieval Skyrim-themed kitchens, diners, Korean restaurants, and more by being creative with the things you've gathered. 

9. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are nine special style tricks for decorating a kitchen. New Horizons, like the previous games in the series, allows players to personalize products with their own designs, as well as download designs created by other players through QR code and the custom design portal. Players have already come up with some creative solutions to the issue of kitchen furniture. 

10. With a custom stall, you can make fake cupboards. Stalls are a craftable item that can be redeemed with Nook Miles from the Nook Miles Ticket Stop. They are available early in the game as a DIY recipe. Since you can change the color and design of the wood on the stalls, you can use them as fake cupboards to show all of your kitchenware. I was inspired by one of the players' fake ironwood kitchen cabinets and decided to create my own to fit my kitchen, which you can download using the code below. When placed directly above a stall, potted ivy will clip into the top of the stall, producing a pleasant mossy effect. 

11.Making fictitious splashbacks and shelves In the real world, chopping and cooking can be messy, so many kitchens have splashback panels to keep the mess off the walls. So, in Animal Crossing, why don't you build your own? Simply use the custom design tool to create your masterpiece, and then hang it on your wall as a canvas. This approach will also work on top of any kitchen counter. I built one for the back of my gas range, which blends in with the cooker. Splashbacks with mosaic-style patterns are especially successful. Players have created cute canvas designs that can be used as fake shelving in the same way that the splashback was created. This one, created by Reddit user Elena, is perfect for a light-colored kitchen or living room, and you can download it using the code below. 

12. Use an optical illusion to create a two-tiered room. Space designs in Animal Crossing may feel a little flat at times, but one way to avoid this is to create an optical illusion with custom designs that fools the eye into thinking the room has two levels. I built my own two-tier lodge room using three different custom design patterns and individually placing them as tile mats to cover half the floor, as inspired by yamaji maya on Twitter (for which you can find download codes here). Even if it isn't a kitchen, the concept is the same - and it's a perfect way to differentiate the kitchen and living areas. If you want to try it out for yourself, choose a darker color for your lower flooring and keep the upper and lower parts in a similar tone to keep the optical illusion going. Placing furniture in front of the drop-off would also help to make the illusion more practical.

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