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How can you help your customer to easily discover your hair type?

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Many people don't know what their style of hair is. And if you want more loyal clients, it is your duty as a hair business owner like Honest Hair Factory to make the customer understand their hair. Is your hair thick? It's okay/cough? Is it straight/curly? There's no hint to anybody. People with fine hair know when their hairs are small, they're not thin, they're well, they're two distinct stuff. Nowadays we examine hair bundles in depth to figure out what the customer kind of scalp is: is it oily/dry/normal? Does the density or density be high? Is the hair heavy or slender? Is it harmful to the hair or healthy? And what kind of hair wave pattern? We're going all the way from straight hair to the most curly of all of them. It will now help you a lot to figure out which items your customers require.

*oil scalps Scalp type
Maybe you're never worried of that, so let's examine it oily at the beginning. Normally if the hair washed in the morning and midday or at night where the hair gets scraps when there is a little oil in the hair strand, the hair is on the oily side. Hair is oily. Along with this, ask the customer if the scalp shines up and can sense oil on the scalp by the end of the day after cleaning it, which certainly makes the hair 100% oily.

* Dry bodybuilding
Let's move on to dry skirts now. Ok, it's like the desert in the Sahara. Dry scalps are usually sensitive and susceptible to discomfort. Often, the dandruff or dry scalp may also be encountered. Not only is Dandruff affecting the dry scalp. Your client would typically have some kind of dry scalp status, if there are noticeable tiny patches of white skin scattered across your hair, your scape is dry. It also feels like it is close and to tear it open to stretch. It may also be itchy and tense on the scalp. The head is dry. It feels close.

*Short skirt
And we've got regular skirts now. Anyone with a regular scalp won't have extra oils on the scalp and the hair strands before the end of the day after morning cleaning. If your client has found that on the scalp there is no dry skin or flaccid skin or that the head has no tension. Your client typically has a regular scalp as it has no other signs.

Density of the hair Hair
Turning to density of hair and hair. Even the two people misunderstand or believe, since it is not, that both are the same thing. Two things, not one singular, they're two separate things, please make it right.
The actual thickness of each piece of hair on the head is defined as hair thickness. Take a hair and look out of your head. Is it bulky or thin? We then have hair density, which shows the extent of the pigeon as the hair is pulled into a pigeonhole. Is it small/large? That's so many hair strands on the head. This are the two great things you must consider. This is because people hold in too much and are so confused.

One of the recommended techniques for calculating hair thickness if your client does have a sewing thread is to take up one piece of thread, stitch one piece of hair and match both sides with each other. Pick up from the back if the hair is as big or even thinner than the sewing thread, this normally means your customer has dense hair. If your hair is much thinner than your fabric, your consumer would have thin hair. You should still use the hairstrand to loop it through your fingertips if your client has no thread around. And if you ever do feel your scalp, it normally means the dense hair of your client. Your buyer has thin hair otherwise.
Once customers find their scalp, hair texture and hair form, shopping for hair products becomes easier for them. This is all the strategies for assessing the type of hair

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