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The optimal place to start in For Honor

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The Orochi is the hero of For Honor's roster of fighters, but getting to grips with their technique is no easy ride. The immediately recognisable katana of the character is excellent for people who prefer throwing attacks that  For Honor Steel Credits are mild down upon adversaries, and necessarily makes for some implementation kills. The Orochi is able to do more than simply dodge and evade offences, but deflect them which may be followed up by parries that are fast-paced. On a less impressive note, the protagonist's dexterity comes at a price of limited health and weak blocking abilities, but players will ideally be keeping their opponents on their feet to ensure that this doesn't become too much of a issue.

The name gives it away, but Berserkers are specialists in the art of harassment and annoyance. By double wielding two Viking hand axes, Berserkers excel in providing an infinite quantity of string combos in a rapid speed of assault, with some combos even capable of hurting multiple goals at the same time. Of course, this leaves the protagonist as constantly vulnerable to attack, but their purely aggressive attack style leaves little room for anyone to catch them outside, so long as you make excellent use of the character's deflection and charging skills too. The Berserker's zone attack is excellent for quickly clearing arenas in a place, but things are not so rosy when in locked mode, as you want to remember that your guard stance is simply able to sustain itself for a short quantity of time. If you're the sort of player who enjoys racking up plenty of kills at the cost of a higher death count the Berserker is the optimal place to start in For Honor.

If you're going to play the Berserker, then you may as well jump all in on the hyper-aggression, crafting a character build with these feats to make this a reality; Rush (temporarily boosts movement rate ), Revenge Attacks (attacking matches your payback meter), Fury (increase speed, and damage capacities ) and Berserker (greatly improve your attack, defence and rate ).

Knights don't typically make for a natural fit in our understanding of what an Assassin should be, but the Peacekeeper represents a formidable combatant in For Honor, and  For Honor Items a perfectly viable selection for people who like to deal with damage. With a focus on subterfuge and stealth, Peacekeepers are concerned with inflicting pain quickly and grabbing their enemies. Akin to other members of the Assassin class, the Peacekeeper can divert incoming blowsoff, while her light armour facilitates quick motion, which permits you to back away from a fight when it becomes too heated. All in all, the Peacekeeper is an adequate introduction to people interested in researching the Assassin class.

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