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How strict is the no-rabbit-around-guinea pigs rule, anyway?

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I have a friend who I do most of my guinea pig-related things with. We have shared floor time between my two pigs and hers (all male and they get along fine, don't worry). I try my best to keep her educated since I browse Cavyspirit and GL a lot and she does not, and for the most part she is amenable to my advice.

Lately, though, she's taken to allowing her two pigs to have shared floor time with her roommate's rabbit. I keep telling her that it's not a good thing to do, but she claims she searched the Internet and found out there's nothing wrong with that. Does anyone have any anecdotes or particular sites that advise against that sort of thing? How strict is the no-rabbit-around-guinea pigs rule, anyway? I assumed that they shouldn't ever really have contact, but I suppose the only info I've ever found was against housing together.

Please help.

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Thank you.

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