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Help me, please, my dog has become un-house-trained

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She doesn't crap inside, but with increasing frequency she's been peeing in choice places. First was on the bed, luckily the blankets got most of it, then she tried to hide it behind my bike, today I woke up to find my left sneaker wet. I think she might have a small bladder, but I haven't changed her bathroom break schedule since when she would never do this. Also, she scares easily and though she doesn't make a mess afterward, she fequently smells of pee, sometimes she smells like pee almost randomly. She's about 2 years old. Is the random pee-smell something I should take her to the vet about? Also, what should I try to do to reconvince her that its not okay to pee inside; she's incredibly smart (Australian Cattle Dog), so it shouldn't take to long, I'm just not sure what to do.

Please help

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Thank you

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