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My neighbors rabbit is very ill - help needed please

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This poor girl has poop stuck to her butt and her owner cannot manage to remove it. Same thing happened two weeks ago and she was able to loosen it to remove at that time. She is barely eating and moving around as of last night. She has tried unsuccessfully for two days to get the poop out and she started to bleed from the effort.She does not have the money to take her to a vet - I would jump in and help but I just paid my rent for next month and have put out $680.00 in vet bills for one of my own pigs in the past two months and I just can't afford to help right now, and I feel terrible that I cannot.I have urged the neighbor to take her to the Humane Society and have her put to sleep today or tomorrow - if she makes it that long. I have Metacam at home and wondering if this med is OK for bunnies and if so how much to give her - I know absolutely nothing about rabbits. I also do not know the rabbits weight but can find out. Just wondering how much Metacam I can give her to at least keep her somewhat comfortable.

Please help

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Thank you


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