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How long will it take for old cat to accept new cat?

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I got a 7 month old cat in May that has been absolutely wonderful. She the most awesome cat I could imagine. We moved to Nigeria and have been here almost two months and life is good.A friend here had some kittens in July that need homes and I brought one over yesterday. My cat apparently hates her. I've never seen her hostile or mean but she clearly doesn't like this new cat. They haven't had any physical contact, but there's a lot of hissy, spitting, growling, raised hair. The little one is scared shitless, literally shaking with fear. I've gotten her to warm up to me and she was eating a little bit last night and was purring, but she's hypervigilant and understandably very very skittish and scared. She cries a lot and I'm not sure if she's just scared, lonely, missing mom, or what.This is a trial visit but I don't want to force something that isn't going to happen, and I'm nervous that they'll start pissing and shitting outside the box because they don't want to be around each other. I've already had some turds on the carpet and have no idea where the piss is. My friend said that she's mostly housebroken but didn't use the (now shared) litterbox that I introduced to her.Should I give them more time or just recognize that this is not a match?

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