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team was fourth best a season ago in goals per game

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After a career high 53 points last season, Kreider has just five points in 11 games this season for the Rangers.

Chris Kreider has always wowed fans with his powerful wrist shot and blazing speed. The 19th overall pick in the 2009 draft has been one of the Rangers most promising young players for years. Now in his sixth year in the league, Kreider is at a pivotal point in his career and his production now and in the future is vital for the Rangers success.

The Kreider

Kreider has shown that when he is on, not only can he be one of the most dynamic players on the ice, but he also can be an invaluable piece to the Rangers success. In each of his first five seasons, Kreider has shown improvement. While it may not be the output some expected from the first round pick , the progression has always been there.

However, this season, like the Rangers, Kreider has taken a large step back. It isn’t just that his point totals are down, but on the ice he hasn’t been the dominant force Kreider can be. When he is on Steven Kampfer Jersey, his speed, skill and size make him a matchup nightmare. The times when Kreider is able to put all of this together, he is the Rangers biggest weapon. If he isn’t on, not only does it show on his score sheet , but it also shows up in the overall result for the Rangers.

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Sputtering Offense

Despite a solid output against the Arizona Coyotes in their most  recent game, the Rangers offense has been anemic in 2017 2018. The team was fourth best a season ago in goals per game, but currently sit 25th in the league at just 2.5 goals per game.

Kreider is a big reason the team was as successful as they were offensively last season. His 28 goals let the team and Kreider was a reliable goal scorer for the blue shirts. The full blame can’t be put on the Ranger forward this season as no one on the team has fully performed yet. However, there is no doubt that the offense hurts if Kreider isn’t producing up to his potential like this season.

If the offense continues to struggle, the Rangers will have bigger problems to worry about than just Kreider’s lack of offense. But if the offense turns it around, Kreider will be a big reason as to why that will happen.

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The Expectation

After 53 points last season, Kreider has a good amount to live up to this year. While he isn’t the only piece to the Rangers offense that needs to step up, he is a main fixture who can provide a considerable amount of offense for New York.

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